I still haven’t been posting, even though when I started this blog I had the goal of blogging every day. I feel like some sort of light has gone out in me, and I am back to sitting on the couch playing games and watching netflix all day on my days off work and I’m not doing all the other things I want to do – like crochet, and I wanted to start crosswork stitching and learning Spanish and do my Life Writing course at Uni. But it seems as though I lose motivation after a small burst of Wonder Woman like motivation. Like it’s amazing, I feel as though I can conquer the world – and then it disappears.

I wasn’t going to go to the gym tonight, I haven’t been in a week and I was going to put it off again tonight cause I felt bloated after dinner. I still feel bloated now. But I forced myself to go, and I feel great. Maybe that’s how I can get through the down periods where I don’t feel like doing anything. I just need to force myself to do it. Because doing the things I love makes me happy, and that’s how I am going to stay on top of my Depression. Like right now after the gym, I feel amazing – I did also watch netflix while I was there though so that could be a major contributor 😛

List of things that make me happy in no particular order because they are mostly all equal:

  1. Cats
  2. My dog
  3. Games – especially the game I am playing atm Ever Oasis on 3DS
  4. Photography and editing
  5. The gym
  6. My partner
  7. Gaming club at work
  8. My friends
  9. My family

I usually get anxious if things aren’t in even numbers, but the number 9 is the odd exception and I don’t know why. It has a good feel about it.


My dog also makes me extremely happy at the moment, especially when he snuggles down and asks for head rubs.

I might go and take some more photos tomorrow, I haven’t taken any in a while.


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