Last year I decided to bite the bullet despite my fear of needles, and get my first tattoo.

My cat was put down in June last year after 20 years of loyal and faithful service to me as a loving cat and best friend with whom I shared everything with. When her urn was given to us after she was cremated, there was a plaque with her name engraved on, along with two small paw prints. I stared at those for about a month before I woke up one day and decided to go for it. They sit on the right side of my right wrist where I can look at them and remember her.

A few months later on my birthday in November, I decided to get another tattoo, this time on my left inner ankle of a lotus flower to represent all the shit I managed to get through and that I am on the road of recovery. I have been battling depression for years, and now I finally feel free. It was supposed to be the size of a 50 cent coin, however, the tattoo artist said it would looks heaps more detailed and prettier if it was bigger.

Well, my mum just about had a heart attack when she saw them both. The first tattoo I got she freaked out over because I hadn’t told her prior; when she called me up she asked what i was doing and how my day was going and I told her I got a tattoo. She pretty much collapsed over the phone I think. The second tattoo I got she freaked out over because it was bigger than we had agreed upon, and it was in a place where it could be seen.

We live in a generation now where tattoos aren’t taboo like they used to be. Tattoos are popular with this generation; everyone has them now so they are not as frowned up. My mum, however, still thinks the tattoo on my ankle sends the ‘wrong message’ yet she can’t tell me what that message is cause she doesn’t know. She even has a tattoo, but its hidden. I think that all parents are still stuck in that generation; it’s like the world changed too fast and in the blink of an eye, we are here.

I know I still want more tattoos, but this time they will definitely be hidden because her face of disappointment like I robbed a bank is getting quite old.

Maybe I will wait til I move out. I mean she has kept her tattoo hidden from her parents for 20 plus years, they don’t even know about it. I should be able to do the same.

– M

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