Just life

Just life

I went and brought a preowned PS3 today with preowned games that were going cheap at EB Games. I am super duper excited and it’s my treat to myself after I complete my last assignment tomorrow. I have been through so much mental chaos these last few months and it’s because of my family, friends, and partner that I have been able to make it through. I think I may take a study free break next semester while I adjust to full time work.

I was tossing between PS4 and PS3 all day today. I finally went with PS3 because it ended up being way cheaper, and I don’t know how much of my time I’ll be spending gaming. If I really get into it and decide it’s my thing then I think I’ll look at getting a PS4 with bigger storage next year. This PS3 only has 12gb of storage, but it’s all I need for now.

I feel like a kid at Christmas.

– M


Throwback to the awesome day at the beach with the fam bam.

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