A place in this world

A place in this world

I just need to rant to be honest, so I apologise in advance for the long post.
The last few weeks have honestly felt like I have been to hell and back; to be honest the last few months, since August, have felt like that. I could babble on about what’s happened and shout ‘poor me’ to gather sympathy, but that would not solve my problems. No, it all boils down to that the world is not fair, and people who abuse power are running it, which leaves us common folk to run around in havoc wondering what on earth has happened; the world has turned to chaos in the blink of an eye.
Let’s start with the more global havocs of the world, with the most recent being the possible suicide bombing of Arianna Grande’s concert in England. My heart broke when I heard the news. I also now wonder if there are going to be copy cats all over the world with no concert goers being safe anymore. There is also the widespread of the ‘wannacry’ hack happening all over the world, so now we aren’t safe online either. Is anywhere now safe?
So with this happening all around the globe, my problems no longer seem relevant in the bigger scheme of things; yet they are relevant to me. The big boss of the company I work for has decided that they are going to get all staff to reapply for their jobs, and if they are unsuccessful then those people will be redundant in 5 weeks. Interviews are still happening, yet in 5 weeks people are supposed to know where they stand and have contracts signed. There is over 700 staff. I don’t suppose my big boss had to reapply for her job? I doubt it. Work colleagues of mine, including myself, have already had mental breakdowns at work which consists of crying and being mean to customers who are being difficult. People can’t sleep at night and when they do, dreams about work haunt their sleep so it’s not peaceful anyway. We are expected to carry on working, pretend as though nothing is happening and put on brave faces.
I guess that’s what everyone has to do though, put on a brave face and carry on with their lives. People are mourning dead loved ones, including myself and work colleagues, yet the people running everything could not care less than they do already and they wonder why everyone else is not happy. So with people already feeling shitty about their lives, there are others who are making things worse by demanding money through hacks, and others are killing innocent people who wanted nothing more than to have a good time.
If we, as humanity, carry on this way, I doubt there will be a future for our children and grandchildren. But if there is, then I hope they learn from the mistakes humans have made and make the world a better, friendlier place.

– M

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