Hide and seek

Hide and seek

A poem about my childhood. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Hide and Seek


I scurry behind the body

of the tree where I cannot be seen;

he follows me however, as

I cannot hide.


Now it is his turn – to hide

from me. Behind fluffy

grey clouds he darts; careful not to

be revealed.


As a natural curtain, the clouds part;

I point to him yelling ‘I’ve found

you’ and run to hide

from him again.


This game of hide and seek can go on

for hours and

hours and

hours; until I get tired.


My parents ask with who I am playing.

‘No one’ – I tell them. They reply with

a nod and they believe me;

he doesn’t want his secret revealed.


Because little do they know that

I have really been playing

hide and seek with the



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