While driving home today I was thinking about the phrase ‘as keen as mustard’. Now I don’t actually like mustard (sorry to all the mustard fans) so I have been stumped as to why something could be keen as a bean like mustard. Keen as a bean makes sense cause it rhymes, but mustard?

So I did some research.

Turns out that back in the Ye olde days, mustard was used for flavouring and giving zest to beef. In fact, people were so overly fond of mustard, that they soon started using mustard as a metaphor to describe people. If someone was amazing, enthusiastic, and cool, then they were mustard. The phrase ‘as keen as mustard’ can be dated back to 1672.

So there you have it, this is what the extent of my research lead to. Mustard must be super tasty to most people if we are still using the phrase ‘as keen as mustard’ today.

The more you know.

– M


Featuring an edit of Vanuatu with the green sea and everything else black & white.

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