On the right track

On the right track

After the whirl wind downward spiral of depression I have had for the last few weeks for various reasons, I am finally starting to feel like my self again, slightly, almost myself. I went to the gym two nights in a row since the funeral and that in itself is a huge achievement considering I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed!

Mum has sprung upon us that next year for Mother’s Day she wants to do the four day Otago bike trail in Dunedin, New Zealand. The thought of it makes me groan, but I’m also really excited. It’s exactly what I need right now; it’s giving me a purpose, a reason to train, I have a goal that I need to achieve. It’s pretty much four days of constant cycling, so I need to condition my butt to not get numb, which it does after only 30 mins of cycling. So I have a year, a year in which my butt needs to be able to be seated on a bike for 4 days. Totally doable *inward groan*.

– M


Featuring my dog who doesn’t like sitting on laps but decided to give mum a lap cuddles for Mother’s Day ❤️

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