Live long and prosper

Live long and prosper

I have been thinking about time paradoxes a lot today – and by a lot I mean that it keeps going over in my head about how illogical it sounds, but also makes sense at the same time. All day.

I am reading a book at the moment where the main character ends up going back in time, and she finds out that everything nasty that happens in the future is because of her (without going into too much detail incase I accidently spoil the book). But I honestly cannot stop thinking about how mind blown I am right now. It’s like example of when if you were to go back in time and shoot yourself dead, then you wouldn’t really be dead because you wouldn’t be alive to shoot yourself in the first place thus you remain alive. And then my head starts to spin and I feel like the world is going to explode.

On the plus side, I am functioning more like a human being again. I failed one of my assignments so I feel like it has kinda shoved me in the right direction to get my shit together and just finish this semester and try to at least pass all of my papers. I have a weekly plan worked out, so all I gotta do is stick to it, even though I really don’t want to. I also had a deep heart to heart conversation with my mum and she’s really worried that I am going to spiral down into the dark depths of despair with all the shit that has happened – I wasn’t aware that she could even sense that about me so it really made me pleased that she has been paying attention. Here I go rambling on again. But I do feel slightly better after the shit storm that has been the last 2-3 weeks of my life.

Tonight I am going to be slowly getting through assignments – I might leave the one that was due yesterday until tomorrow cause I honestly can’t deal with it right now after having to spend all day around humans and being happy. It’s actually exhausting. So I will be working on another assignment due Friday that involves developing a plan. Plans are good, I like plans. Oh and I am totally not a slacker btw, the assignment due yesterday is only part of an assignment (we do one part every 2 weeks and hand it in so she knows we are on track, but its the weekend and who is going to be monitoring whether people have handed it in or not, certainly not me if I was the lecturer).

The 4 movies I have to choose from to watch tonight while studying are Happily Never After, Ninja turtles, Fantasia, and Star wars – the complete saga. I will be totally and utterly honest and say that I have not watched any of them (yes, including star wars, I am more of a star trek fan – live long and prosper). So which one should I watch? Any ideas? Cause right now I can’t even decide what to have for dinner, let along which movie to watch.

My song of the day (night) is Sound of Silence by Disturbed. It was Vian’s favourite song and now it will be on my daily playlist.


Featuring a black & white photo of Vanuatu because I absolutely love this photo filter atm.


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