Mid-life crisis at 22?

Mid-life crisis at 22?

So I decided to rewatch Ugly Betty, cause you know, why not? It was one of my favourite TV shows when I was growing up and I never watched all of the episodes. But as I am watching it, I get an urge to completely revamp and reorganise my blog. Like completely. And then I started like re-evaluating like everything in my life. Well not everything, but like work and uni and what I actually want to do with my life. With my cat project I realised that I actually really love photography so I may end up taking more photos and posting them on here.


It’s Vian’s funeral tomorrow and I don’t really want to sleep tbh cause then when I wake up it’ll be time to go to his funeral and I don’t want to say goodbye, not yet, I want to hold onto the fantasy that he is still alive just a little longer.

As I am writing this my eyes continusously close and it feels glorious and I am getting etrememly restless so I probably should end up going to sleep. I honestly hope this isn’t an actual mid-life crisis, I want to live longer than 44.

– M

One thought on “Mid-life crisis at 22?

  1. I dont think you have anything to worry about hun. How about instead of wondering if you are having a mid life crisis, you look at it as an epiphany. You are remembering or realising what is important to you and you want to explore it more, fulfill your desires and embrace the opportunities hidden behind responsibilities 🙂


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