A semicolon is used when a writer could have chosen to end the sentence, but didn’t. The semicolon also means ‘my story isn’t over yet’ to people who suffer depression and have thought about ending their lives. Unfortunately for one of my good friends, his story ended on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It is pretty hard to come to terms with that he no longer walks this earth, but I sincerely hope that he is in a much much better place now. He obviously felt it was too much for him to handle that he needed to take his own life, and I wish I could have done more to let him know he was truly loved. But sometimes love isn’t enough. Rest in peace my dear friend.


Please please please, if you are thinking of harming yourself in any way, reach out and get help. Don’t let your feelings stay bottled up inside. If you don’t want to talk to someone you know then there are help lines available free for you to call. Or my question box is always open.

My song for the day is ‘How to save a life’ by The Fray


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