Dear customer

Dear customer

Dear customer,

I was minding my own business looking forward to left over sweet and sour pork noodles I had for lunch, which was about 5 minutes away before you came up to the front desk to be served. It all happened so fast that I can’t remember exactly all the details that happened, but what I am left with is the reminder of how you made me feel. You asked about a product that we have on our shelf, and why we don’t seem to be getting any more in. I didn’t know that answer, but was more than willing to find someone who did, until you decided to talk down to me and say that we work in a library, we should know everything there is to know about a library and what’s in it. What you don’t realise is that we only work on the shop floor, you don’t see the hundreds of people who work behind the scenes. How am I meant to memorise all that they do? Would you care to do that? If so, then be my guest. I went on to say that we are all stressed as we have lost our jobs, except I believe you are so conceited that all you heard was ‘stressed’, and what you said next I will never forgive you for. You laughed. Like an actual conceited laugh of disbelief about what I could possibly be stressed about. You even asked me that. You said ‘You are stressed? I’m sorry that you are stressed but…’. Except you weren’t sorry. Not really. Not with that sarcastic tone and mean spirited laugh that went right through me and hit me where it hurts. What you don’t also know is that I suffer from depression, so I struggle with stress everyday, yet I am here serving you. So I walked away to find someone who would help you, cause I was done. As I walked away I told you once again that we have literally just lost our jobs, hoping you would change your attitude. But you didn’t. Instead, you looked to the person next you in line and said ‘Honeslty’ in the most nasty tone. So as I was mentally breaking down in the back office, you were sweet talking to my manager and didn’t talk bad about me at all. Didn’t let on to how you stood over me and told me that my stress and feelings didn’t matter as long as you got what you wanted. Oh, and guess what? I have the right to refuse to serve you, which I will definitely not be doing in the future. I forgive you, because if I don’t then it’ll just keep haunting me. Everyone has their bad days, I get that. But what you don’t get is that I have been under immense stress since last August, which is when we we heard about our jobs, and it just keeps dragging on and on and on. So I hope you read this and change your attitude, because if I had chosen to talk to you like you spoke to me, you would have for certain made a formal complaint about me. Talk about double standards right?

Kind regards,

A librarian who is done with rude customers and their nasty attitudes who care about no one but themselves.

– M

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