Always in my heart ❤️

Always in my heart ❤️

This is a small tribute to my cat Cassey who passed away late June last year.


She was nearly 20 years old and I had her most of my life. She was there for me through all of the hard times I endured, and I was there for hers. She came to me as a kitten who was pregnant and abandoned by her owners who neglected to take care of her. We nurtured her and taught her to trust again, and she became my greatest companion. She had love to give for everyone she met and there was not a mean bone in her body.


(Selfie time!!)

In the end, she got arthritis in both of her back legs, she had a weak heart, liver failure, and Alzheimer’s. Yes, Alzheimer’s. I wasn’t sure that cats could get Alzheimer’s, but she certainly did. For months before she passed I was constantly awoken by her meow in the night as she had gotten herself stuck, repeatedly, in the spare room closet looking for food, cause she was adamant that’s where we were keeping it. I am now starting to make a collage with the hundreds of photos I have of her, which I am so glad I did as I will be able to look at her forever. She will always be in my heart. RIP ❤️💕❤️


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