13 reasons why I’m happy

13 reasons why I’m happy

So I found this challenge


It basically gets you to think about 13 reasons why you are happy. I found it quite challenging, because 13 reasons are a lot, but I’m glad I did it 😊

(My baby would have been number one, but she passed away nearly a year ago and I still miss her so much ☹️❤️)


1) I’m in a really great, supportive relationship with someone who I would never have imagined being with and it works so well.

2) I have my amazing best friends, especially Sarah, who are always there for me and I couldn’t wish for anyone else.

3) I have a really great relationship with my sister at the moment – we have had a love/hate relationship all of our lives.

4) I have a job. I’m really grateful for that.

5) I graduated from university, at times it felt like I wouldn’t make it.

6) I’ve fallen in love with writing again – I stopped for a while and missed it so much.

7) I was able to buy myself an iPad. Silly thing to be happy about, but it’s helping a lot with uni and my blogging.

8) I’m happy I live close to such a beautiful area – I have beaches close by and bush walks that I can go on when I please.

9) I love being able to volunteer at the local cattery – ever since I lost my cat last year I’ve been missing cat cuddles, so I am able to get them when I go volunteer.

10) My parents are still together and have been for 25 years – it gives me hope that marriages can still last long.

11) My dog cheers me up when I am sad – except when he eats my socks, but I love him all the same.

12) Reading makes me happy, I love being able to escape from the world for a bit.

13) And finally, happy pills. Up until last year I had depression for a few years and now I can finally start to be who I truly am.

Now go and do this too! The link is at the top of the post.

– M

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