Imagine a callous, icy wind that is whipping around you from all directions and ceases to relent from attacking you, chilling you from the outside in, icing your bones. You only have a few seconds of relief as the wind is blocked by a tree or one of the many boulders that lay upon this mountain, and you believe that you will be okay, but in moments that belief is crushed as you are confronted once more. The sky is the bluest sky you have seen in a while, the sun is bearing down with only a few clouds in the sky; yet you can’t get warm.


This was me yesterday; on the highest peak on Mount Victoria in Devonport sightseeing some of the history of wars and previous Maori settlements.

Let me ask you; what do you get when you are exposed to a ruthless icy wind and are not appropriately dressed, and cross it with two sick flatmates of my partners who have sinus infections?

You get sick.

And that is why now I am sitting on my couch in my pyjamas, wrapped heavily in blankets contemplating what my life was like before I was relying on tissue boxes to get me through the day, trying to persuade myself to get into the shower.

All my life I have had a love/hate relationship with my shower. Just the thought of having to stand up, walk to the bathroom, get undressed, stand shivering from the cold (when its winter) waiting for the shower to warm up, and then actually get into the shower is just a whole load of inconvenience. Yet once I am in the shower, it is the most glorious experience that I never want to leave from. I get all my great ideas and motivation from the shower; I get myself pumped up from the hot water and decide that I will never again be inconvenienced from needing to get into the shower. Yet it happens repeatedly.


There are a few exceptions from this however; like when I have come back from the gym and I feel sticky and gross and the only relief is the shower, or if I have been for a swim. Thinking about these things now, I know what they have in common; I must already be slightly wet to want to get into the shower. I honestly just don’t even understand my thought process to be honest.

Showers; they are the bane of my existence. So is being sick; being sick is the one thing that a shower cannot cure. It just must be endured. But seriously, am I the only one who thinks this way about showers, or do people feel this way about other things to? Food for thought.

Never again will I be unprepared for such icy weather. But in my defence, the day outside looked magnificent and warm and there was barely even a wind. Winter is coming.

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