When I think about regrets it’s usually about things that I never did, that I was too afraid to do, how I didn’t get out of my comfort zone long enough to experience something that I might never get to do again. That’s probably why I tend to go out of my comfort zone a lot, even though my insides are shaking like jelly and everything has turned to mush and the butterflies are frantically trying to escape and everything around me starts to spin.

But I would rather regret something I did do, rather than regret something I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the regrets that I have about what I did do are cringe worthy that even thinking about them wants to make me curl up into a small ball on the corner of my bed wrapped in a blanket like a burrito that I never want to leave from. But that’s a different kind of regret. A cringe type of regret. The regrets I have about what I didn’t do are the regrets that leave me paralysed with numbness and downward spirals of dispear about why I didn’t seize the moment and just do what I was afraid of, knowing that the moment would soon be over. It’s those regrets that I hate the most. Not doing something out of fear.

So now I do everything at least once. Going on the roller coaster that made me want to hurl, going up on stage in front of hundreds of people to receive my degree, scuba diving when I am afraid of the ocean, and even telling a boy that I liked him who most likely didn’t like me back. But I did them anyway. Because now I can say that I have done them, and I have no regrets about it doing them again, especially the roller coaster, that is not happening a second time. Definitely not.

So my advice would be to live life in the moment. Don’t let fear get in the way of  living. Because having cringe worthy regrets about doing something is so much better than having regrets about not overcoming your fears. Don’t have those types of regrets.

Just live.


– M

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