Why I write

Why I write

IMG_0290I have been asking myself this question for a while now – why I write. I have been writing for a very long time, mostly fiction, and I have recently gotten into writing nonfiction. I guess I have been writing nonfiction for a while now in my journal, but it didn’t feel like I was writing nonfiction as all I wanted to do was write down my feelings and thoughts on things. I’m not sure why I decided to put all of my thoughts on this blog I created either – it’s just like a big journal, but it gets posted online and people can read it and comment on it and like it if they want to. Back to why I write. Writing is a therapeutic way for me to sort out all of my feelings that are jumbled around in my head (I’m listening to the radio right now and the guy just said “case”, and I ended up writing “case” instead of “head” and had to delete it. The mind is a weird thing). So anyways, there are some thoughts that are louder than others, so in order to hear all of them it’s easier to write them all down and the words flow onto the page and I can sort them from there. I also like to think I have a some what creative mind, well I used to anyways, ‘m not sure how creative it is anymore. Hopefully with this blog I can find my creativeness again. I remember writing a short children’s story called “Rainbow land” or “The last sock” or something like that. Basically it’s about every sock in rainbow land has a pair, and if you don’t have a pair then you get kicked out. I wish I could write stories like that again.

During University I took a creative writing class – for a while I wrote because it was necessary and not because I wanted to. It really took away the aspect of writing for me, especially creative writing, cause what people thought was amazing, my lecturer usually only gave me a B and I was left thinking about what I did wrong and why it wasn’t worth an A. That really put me off writing for a while. At the moment I am writing about a dream I had, it’s a fantasy story about a forest nymph whose babies get stolen and sold into a different realm and she’s doing everything to get them back. I’m writing it for me, but I always have a sense of longing for other people to like it to – like I want acceptance. I think once I start writing for me again, my creativity will come back. I hope.

– M

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