A tribute to my Maori ancestors

A tribute to my Maori ancestors

I’m not usually a religious person, I’m not actually entirely sure what I believe in tbh. But today I decided to pay tribute to my Maori ancestors by blessing my Pounamu that I was gifted for graduating University.


I have heard slight variations about the Tapu of Pounamu, but the themes remain the same. A Pounamu cannot be brought for ones self, it has to be gifted. The reasons behind this is because a Pounamu chooses its wearer – by receiving one as a gift, the Pounamu has chosen you. If you were to buy one as a gift for yourself, then you have chosen the Pounamu and risk angering the spirits inside it. Also, before you wear the Pounamu, it has to be blessed by placing it in a natural source of running water while saying a small blessing – this is to cleanse any negative energy from it. This is the jist of what I gathered from my various readings – I wanted to do this right.

I went to my favourite place in the whole world – a waterfall near my house, about a 30 minute walk. I have never seen the waterfall so big before ( we have just had a massive spout of rain over night).


I had the help of my mum who was ecstatic to share something special like this with me. Like I said, I’m not usually religious, but I didn’t want to take my chances with angering any spirits or having negative energy around my neck. I do believe that the Pounamu chooses the wearer though, it just feels right when I am wearing it around my neck.


On my walk I also saw my first ever Fantail bird! So I definitely have good vibe feelings right now 😊


That’s all for now – I have assignments due next week that I have to start. I just wanted to share my wonderful experience 😊

– M

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